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Mary Poppins Inspired Collection

Mary Poppins Inspired Collection

  • $17.95

Collect all three of our Mary Poppins Inspired Collection.

Chimney Sweep:  Stay warm on the rooftops of London with a rich buttery toffee blend. You’ll be kicking your heel together for this great tasting brew!

Ingredients: Black tea, pistachios, cumin, sliced almonds, coriander, &  pink peppercorns.


Jolly Holiday:   Feel like your on a Jolly Holiday with this wonderfully refreshing and fruity herbal blend! Delicious as a hot tea, try cold brewed or iced as a natural Gatorade replacement.

Ingredients:  candied pineapple pieces(pineapple/sugar),  candied papaya pieces(papaya/sugar), hibiscus blossoms, elderberries, beetroot pieces, natural flavor, strawberry pieces (2%), guava pieces (2%), vanilla pieces. 

Winds from the East:   Start your days like a breath of fresh air with an invigorating blend of black tea, rooibos, and Yerba Mate, a natural source of morning energy. The perfect brew for those who enjoy coffee.

Ingredients:   Black tea, yerba mate, rooibos, freeze-dried yogurt granules (milk products,) cream caramel pieces, brittle pieces, and flavoring.

Each comes in a 2 oz sample bag.  


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