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Tea is Not My Thing!

Posted by wendy powell on

"Tea is not my thing."    I use to think the same thing.  Then I discovered that there is more than just black tea bags.  Did you know that there are many types of teas.  Yerba Mate, Black, Oolong, Green, White, Herbal and  Rooibos to name a few.  Each has its how distinct flavor.  Not only do you have different types of tea but there are many different flavors within each.  Sometimes the selection can be overwhelming.  With all those choice there is bound to be one for the Tea is Not My Thing person.  

When I stepped inside my first tea shop it was out of curiosity.  It had some cute tea cups that caught my eye.  At the counter they had tea samples that my kids begged to drink and from that one taste we were hooked.  Each time we went stopped by the shop we tried a different sample.  I bought my first tin of loose leaf tea and took it home.  I thought how in the world do I make this stuff.   Through many trials and errors we learned what tea accessories we like and how to brew each type of tea.  

If tea is not your thing I encourage you to try some tea today.  Buy some premium tea that is free from chemicals, preservatives and food color.  Premium tea cost more but the taste is worth every penny.  To buy a 4 oz bag from The Tea Obsession it only cost 50 cents per cup.

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